I once heard an employee from a large corporation (whose name rhymes with Zain) boast about some services customers can access with their mobile phones, including a data usage summary. The group he was talking to was impressed, and said that they didn’t know this information can be accessed so easily.

“Yeah, I know,” he said. “Not a lot of people know about it.”

It seemed as though the services were to remain a secret, and we were privileged to have that information shared with us.

Unfortunately, valuable services are of little value to companies and customers if they aren’t publicized and being used. This is especially important when the available services can help remove customer frustrations or provide customers with information they are eager to have.

When it comes to the customer experience, it is one thing to make valuable services available to your customers, and another to make sure that these services are promoted.

Both are required to create a better customer experience, because not knowing about a service is – from the customer’s point of view – as though it doesn’t exist.