As a human being living in the modern world, it’s very likely that you’re spending ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of your time interacting with man-made products and services.

From the bed you sleep on, to the coffee you drink in the morning (and the mug you use to drink that coffee), the car you drive to work, the computer you use at work… OK, you get the picture.

These products and services can either be contributing to your happiness, or adding to your frustrations.

I’m sure you’ve experienced one too many disappointments when it comes to the stuff you buy, whether it’s a defect in the product itself or the way you were treated as a customer.

And if my crystal ball* serves me correctly, whenever you’ve experienced lousy treatment, you always thought to yourself: “They could’ve done a much better job at handling this situation.”

Of course, after a great deal of colorful language, frustration and muscle spasms.

That’s where Catalyze comes in…

What’s Catalyze?

Catalyze helps entrepreneurs and companies generate great customer experiences… by design.

Most companies overlook the overall experience a customer has interacting with them.

Instead, they focus on making money.

But by focusing on creating great customer experiences, companies will promote customer loyalty and help contribute to the happiness in the world, and not the frustration.

Focus on the customer experience, and the profits will naturally follow.

What Does Catalyze Mean?

In chemistry, a catalyst is a substance that helps to speed up a chemical reaction, without being consumed in the process.

My job is to offer insights and guidelines to assist companies in designing great customer experiences, without doing the work for them.

I set up a structure that has customer experience at its center and support companies fill that structure with their own experience and creativity… then get out of the way.

Who’s Behind Catalyze?

My name is Haider Al-Mosawi, and I’m a complainaholic.

But rather than waste my time complaining about how so many companies are getting it wrong, I thought of channeling my complaints towards making a positive contribution to the world, and help companies get it right.

If you’re an entrepreneur, a business owner, or an employee looking to make your customers happy, then subscribe to this blog to receive the latest updates.

* The crystal ball was not used in any way to invade your privacy. Hehehe…